Waste incinerator

Energy-recoverable municipal waste as well as other incinerable and non-hazardous waste from industry and construction institutions are, after their primary sorting, incinerated in an incineration plant.

The incinerated waste exothermic reaction produces a sharp steam vapor that drives the back-pressure turbine to generate electricity.
In power generation, cooled steam is produced as a by-product which has a thermal potential. Chilled steam is further used for preheating, drying, preparing mass for energy use and also for producing hot water.
In justified cases, returning steam is used to produce cold.
As waste product of energy recovery there are ash, slag and flue gases, which are cleaned by cleaning equipment.
Of the 100 tonnes of processed waste, 5-8 tonnes of fly ash and cinder are produced in this process. In justified cases, these are stabilized by solidification and subsequently landfilled.
Part of the resulting fly ash and cinder can be further used as a building material or sub-base after meeting the quality parameters.
All outputs from the device have zero negative effects on human health.